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Bus Travel

Bus travel in Vietnam has improved immeasurably in recent times. Aside from in remote, rural destinations, public buses are generally fairly clean and comfortable. Four major bus stations—none of which are in the center of town—serve the capital, in addition to a few express minibus services. Giai Bat Bus Station (Ben Xe Giai Bat) serves most southern routes, including Vinh, Hue, and ultimately Ho Chi Minh City. It's 7 km (4 miles) south of the Hanoi Railway Station, on Giai Phong Street, opposite the Giap Rat Railway Station. Gia Lam Bus Station (Ben Xe Gia Lam) provides services to points east to destinations such as Lang Son and Haiphong. It's best to buy your ticket ahead of time. The station is across the Red River and just beyond the tollbooth, 100 yards off Nguyen Van Cu Street on Ben Xe Street. My Dinh Bus Station services routes north and is located in Cua Giay District in the north of the city. Yen Nghia Bus Station, meanwhile, services points west of Hanoi.

Bus Contacts

Giai Bat Bus Station. Km 6, Giai Phong St., Hoang Mai, Hanoi, Ha Noi. 24/3864–1467.

Gia Lam Bus Station. 9 Ngo Gia Kham St., Long Bien, Hanoi, Ha Noi. 24/3827–1529.

Hoang Long Bus Company. 1 Nguyen Khoai, Hanoi, Ha Noi. 24/3987–7225.


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