Car Travel


Car Travel

The Vietnamese government announced in 2014 that it would begin to recognize international drivers' licenses sometime in 2015 . If and when this happens, self-driving is still not recommended in Ho Chi Minh City because of the chaotic nature of the traffic. Most car rental places offer car-and-driver rental, which can give you great freedom to explore the city and surrounding areas without having to deal with the chaotic traffic. Hiring a car and driver for a full day starts at about 1,180,000d for a four-seater and 1,288,000d for a seven-seater, although the fee is based on where you want to go. The drivers will speak basic English only—enough to decide a route and organize meeting points, but not enough to provide any commentary or act as a tour guide. For getting around within the city, taxis are often more useful; with a rented car, your driver will have to find somewhere to park in a city designed for bicycles, not automobiles. Most of the bigger hotels in Ho Chi Minh City can arrange short- or long-term car-and-driver rentals, Sinh Tourist can also assist, or you can contact Bali Limousines, ETravelVietnam (a branch of government-owned Saigon Tourist), or Avis, the latter with locations downtown and at the airport.

Car Contacts

Avis. 28/5445–8537;

Bali Limousines. 28/3974–9749;

ETravelVietnam. 090/928–4554;

Sinh Tourist. 123 Ly Tu Trong St., District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City. 093–633–6468;


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