European Christmas Market River Cruises

Vienna Christmas Market
Vienna Christmas Market Panorama


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Christmas Market River Cruises

The holiday lights, the smell of warm cider in the air, the sounds of Christmas carols playing in the background, a twinkling Christmas tree looming over the market... there's nothing better than spending some time browsing a Christmas market in search of the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones. Whether you're thinking about vacationing with the goal of completing your holiday season shopping abroad, or you're interested in adding a Christmas market river cruise to your already established European travel experience itinerary, Christmas river cruises in Europe are a great way to see Europe. 

A Christmas market tour in Europe will allow you to choose gifts for your loved ones that are truly unique. Your friends and family members will treasure the items you select for them, and their hearts will be warmed knowing that you thought of them while you were traveling abroad. 



Want to include some romance on your Christmas market river cruise? The Romantic Danube could be a perfect fit for a honeymoon, or just a romantic getaway. As you set sail down the Danube, you'll marvel at the many sights, tastes, and sounds of your journey down the river. As you travel, you'll stop at several Christmas markets, enjoying Christmas trees and locals who are eager to share in your experience. You'll have the chance to enjoy local holiday treats as you walk through the market, searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones at home. Onboard the ship, you'll get to enjoy a Christmas tree lighting, holiday music performances, and more. Don't worry about missing any of the joy of the holiday season - on your Romantic Danube Christmas market river cruise, you'll have the holidays brought to you, all on the comfort of your cruise ship.

Set sail through the beauty of Europe as you begin your cruise in Hungary and end in Germany. You'll get to experience both the beauty of well-loved European landmarks and small, lesser-known towns that would be passed over on a typical cruise. You'll get plenty of opportunities to do your Christmas shopping as you stop at several markets along the way, getting to interact with smiling locals, excited to share their customs, traditions, and gifts with you and your family. During this cruise, you'll become fully immersed in European culture, creating an unforgettable experience.

Christmas Markets
Along the Danube


If you're on the hunt for a Christmas market river cruise that allows you to soak up the rich history of Europe's castles and fortresses, a cruise on the Rhine is the perfect fit for you. Throughout the cruise, you'll visit several holiday markets, medieval cities, fortresses, castles, historic landmarks, and more. While sipping wines from vineyards that date back to the days of Roman times, you'll be dazzled by culinary delicacies unique to each region. The Rhine Getaway offers you a unique glimpse into the history, heritage, and tradition of the area. While on your Rhine River  cruise, you'll get to enjoy quaint cobblestone streets while browsing various European Christmas markets. Bask in the joy of the holiday spirit as you see twinkling lights decorating the shops, awaiting your arrival.

If you're ready to enjoy Christmas markets across Europe, a journey from Paris to the Swiss Alps is the perfect way to experience all that France, Germany, and Switzerland have to offer. You'll get to see different parts of each country that would normally be passed over by tourists. You won't just be a visitor - you'll get to fully immerse yourself in European culture during your nearly two weeks sailing through the region.

When you're searching for the perfect Christmas gift at various Christmas markets visited throughout your cruise, you'll get to interact with people from each country, with the opportunity to purchase items that represent their unique customs. Your friends and family members will marvel at the gifts you bring home from abroad. Sip hot coffee, enjoy sparkling Christmas lights, and engage with locals as you support each small town's economy with your purchases.

Christmas Markets
Along the Rhine

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