Giang Cafe


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Giang Cafe

Located in a small alley in the city’s old quarter, Giang Cafe is the coffee shop to head for if you would like to taste some great Vietnamese egg coffee. Egg coffee is mainly made of egg yolk, Vietnamese coffee powder, sweetened condensed milk, butter and cheese. Although this simple café has been relocated twice, the egg coffee recipe is practically the same as in its early days.


Because of its French colonial history and the fact that the locals love their coffee, Hanoi has a wide selection of cafes. Just about every block has some sort of coffee shop, everything from a simple local cafe to a Western-style venue. The Vietnamese truly like to experiment with their coffee. So when visiting Hanoi, make sure to try the egg coffee as well as the coconut coffee. Both are highly appreciated among tourists and locals alike. Take a seat and order a cafe au lait or a Vietnamese-style coffee while watching the Vietnamese in their everyday life.